Interactive Jumps & Games

We have interactive jumps and games to put extra fun into your party. Competitve games like Sumo Wrestling, Boxing, Gladiator Joust, Bungie Run, Wrecking Ball, Velcro Wall Jump, Golf, Twister, and Hamster Ball Race. Or just plain fun like ball jumper pit or Money Machine Jumpin For Dollars.

Introducing The NEW

Bubble Ball Soccer – Comes with 10 balls (5 for each team) 2 soccer goals, and a soccer ball. Challenge each other in a fun new way to play soccer.


Interactives Golfing People

Golf Game – Chip your way to the US open. Chip the specially designed Birdie Balls® into the various holes. Keep score and see who is the real Arnold Palmer.

Interactives Ball Pond Combo

Toddler Ball Pit & Jumper – Especially for the little ones. Toddlers only ages 6 and under. The front area is a bouncing section and the back area is a mini Ball Pit.

Schematic For the Toddler Ball Pit.

Interactives Boxing Ring Small

18′ x 18′ Boxing Ring – Comes with 2 pairs of oversized boxing gloves and headgear. Battle it out in this large boxing ring. The gloves are like big pillows for minimal ouch factor. Can also be used as a Jumper.

13 x 13 Boxing Ring

13′ x13′ Boxing Ring can be used as a jumper as well. Comes with 2 pairs of oversized boxing gloves and headgear. With a low 10′ clearance it is ideal for indoor facilities with low clearance for the winter.

Interactives Sumo Suit-Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling – Comes with 2 padded oversized suits, headgear, mitts, and a wrestling mat. The object of the game is to wrestle your opponent out of the circle. It is fun for all! Very funny to watch them try and get up off the ground. They are like turtles on their backs.

Interactives Jumpin for Dollars One Arm Bandit Money Machine – Great game for prize retrieval. Put money, coupons, fake dollars, fake pieces of paper, written prizes on paper, etc.. inside. Have the person step inside, seal it up, and turn the blower on. Give them X amount of seconds to grab whatever they can for prizes.

Interactives Twister Game 2

Blow up 8′ x 12′ twister game. Just like the twister game we all grew up with except it is a cushion of air so it makes it harder to stay on your colored circle spots. Comes with a spinner board and blow up game board. Runs on continuous air circulation.

Prince Chair

King For A Day Blow up Oversized chair. Wonderful for opening presents on. Can be used for the Home Coming King Dance, Parade, or Party for Schools.

Princess Chair

Queen or Princess for a Day Oversized Blow Up Chair. Great for Opening presents on. Can also be used for the Home Coming Queen at the Dance, Parade or Party for Schools.

Interactives Backyard Obstacle Challenge

Obstacle Course 28’x12′ Challenge your opponent 2 Lane obstacle course. Enter through the hole, climb the ladder, slide down the slide, break through the vertical beams, slide through the horizontal rollers, exit through the tubes. Did you WIN?


Theme able Modular Obstacle Course 32′ x 12′. You can choose from any one of our 140 possible themes for this obstacle course. Enter through the T pillars, bust through the sea of vertical pillars, bust through the wall of horizontal pillars, slide through the horizontal rollers, climb up the ladder, slide down the slide, exit out the holes. Did you WIN?

Bungie / Joust 3 in 1 unit. Bungie game put on vests with Bungie cords attached to the back. Grab your velcro marker on the word GO run as far as you can and stick the velcro marker to the top of the sidewall. Did you get farther than your opponent? Jousting – Stand on the colored pedestal with your headgear on and your jousting stick in hand. Try to knock your opponent off of the pedestal before you fall off yours. This unit can also be used as a Jumper. 30′ x 16′

Blow up 25′ Slip N Slide 2 ft off of the ground on a fusion of air. With the sprinkler hose attached to the top chamber it will spray a cool mist of water down onto the slip n slide. Run and jump into the Slip N Slide and slide your way to the end. A Fresh way to cool off on those hot days.

rock-n-roll joust inflatable

Rock N Roll Jousting Arena. This is a massive 20′ x 20′ Pentagon Jousting Arena Challenge. Put on your headgear with jousting sticks in hand. Stand on the single blow up pedestal in the middle of the arena. Try to knock your opponent off before he knocks you off. It can also be used as a jumper. A favorite for graduation Parties.

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